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Unboxing from Necchi Shop Italy

How to machine embroidery for beginners and unboxing from Necchi Shop Italy: let’s find out in this video!

Hi, I’m Elena, finally arrived my package;

let’s unboxing together the kit to start machine embroidery that I chose on the site Necchishop point it:

Unboxing from Necchi Shop

tear-away stabilizer to make custom patch (in an upcoming video I will show you how!)

bobbin fil gutermann to have an even reverse even with colored embroidery;

various colors of polyester embroidery thread,

suitable for my new sewing machine Necchi Logica: soon I will publish the unboxing video!

At Giesse Scampoli in Vergiate I bought some patch for the new fall winter collection 2021/22, here they are!

Then also chalk with a file for the tip and a white pencil from Prym, a device to thread the needle by hand;

latex thimble;

finally, the bracelet for the dressmaker who stands out!

Write in the comments if you like the new purchases and what could be make!

in the next video we will unboxing together my new embroidery machine Necchi Logica!

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